My research field is related to Brain-Computer Interfaces and Human-Computer Interaction.

A platform for experimenting with brain-computer interfaces in points of interest of smart cities

Written with: J. Alfredo Sánchez, Ofelia Cervantes and Wanggen Wan  

Conference: Seventh  Latin American Conference on Human-computer Interaction (CLIHC 2015).

Available here.


This paper presents a platform to support experimentation with applications that enhance user experience in points of interest (POIs) of smart cities by incorporating brain-computer interfaces (BCI). We propose a general architecture for applications in this realm that includes four major layers: Presentation, sensing, action management, and data management. This architecture can be instantiated with various types of BCI sensors and diverse POIs. We describe its components as well as a prototype based on this architecture. We also report on initial findings of the use of our prototype, which show the potential of our approach to support research in the area.

Bachelor's thesis

This thesis presents Malvasia, a BCI system where the users can interact with the objects displayed in a museum.

Thesis available here.

User experience design for brain-computer interfaces to support interaction in points of interest.

Written with: J. Alfredo Sánchez, Ofelia Cervantes.

Conference: Fifth Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (MEXIHC 2014)

Journal: Research in Computing Science 89, 63-70 (available here)



This paper discusses the potential of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) in the interaction between users and objects in points of interest in a city. We present an initial design of the user experience with BCI, aimed to include users with disabilities but also to enhance the experience of the general public. This design includes a physical space to be conditioned specifically for BCI so users can interact with certain objects in a museum, as well as enhancements throughout the museum based on BCI. We report results of a formative evaluation of the main design concepts.